Pricing and Services

If you need your computer repaired or serviced, have viruses, unexplained crashes, network issues or just simply wish to upgrade your computer hardware and software we can help.

Inspection Fee $85*

Basic check over of the device and includes first 30 minutes of labour.

Labour Charges $45*

Standard Labour fee charged after initial inspection. Charged at 15 minute slots

Call-outs from $120*

Technician on-site for first 30 minutes, then further charges may apply

On-Site Fee $45*

Labour fee for on-site labour after initial 30 minutes, charged in 15 minute slots.



We are able to perform repairs on all laptops and desktops, including all in one computer repairs include:

  • Ram upgrade
  • Hard drive replacement
  • LCD replacement
  • Keyboard and trackpad replacements
  • Internet/wireless issues
  • Virus removal
  • Windows blue screens



If you have lost data or hard drive has failed, we have software available which allows us to recover most data



Wanting to upgrade your network?

We are able to set up/install modems and routers, provide advice on which internet plan is the right one for you